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This fund addresses the gap that currently exists for women living in the Global South and areas of conflict who wish to pursue education at the PhD level. The fund will empower and enable bright young women to become future leaders and be role models for other young women in their own communities and countries.


Benefactors can contribute $500, $1,000 or $1,500 per month, for a four year commitment, to support one, two or three students respectively. Donations are tax deductible. Donors also have the opportunity to name the scholarship/s after themselves, their families or their loved ones

Supported students:

The Foundation is delighted to be able to support these students at the PhD level. Their work will play an important role in shaping society in a wide variety of areas.

From Argentina – Lucia Satragno – University of Bern – Doctoral student at the ‘Graduate School of Economic Globalisation and Integration’ at the University of Bern’s World Trade Institute

I am still working on my legal phd in the area of international public law and more specifically on the international dimension of domestic monetary policy and the rule of law. I am expected to deliver the first draft of my thesis monograph by the beginning of 2018. In the meantime, I have participated in several conferences and doctoral seminars in Switzerland and in UK introducing my research ideas and I have received very valuable input both from academics, regulators and practitioners.

From Iran – Azernoosh Bazrafkan – University of Antwerp – PhD in Globalisation and International Economic Law

My research analyzes the link between international investment agreements and good governance reform in developing country signatories. Thus, the research contributes to the on-going debate and yet unanswered question of whether developing countries derive socio-economic benefits from international investment agreements.

From Pakistan – Sana Iqbal – Coventry University – PhD in Mobility and Transport

My PhD will focus on bringing gender sensitivity to urban mobility in Karachi, Pakistan. Will explore the role of equitable access to transport to serve as a means of freedom for women. I will gather data on the specific needs of women and the challenges they face in their daily lives for commutation. I will also propose a model for improved urban transport.

From Cameroon – Elvire Djiongo – Universite Laval – PhD in Forest Sciences

My research focuses on the dynamics of agroforestry systems around protected areas and their contribution to reducing the dependency of communities. I am trying to educate the women in the establishment of shea seedling nurseries and promote sustainable agricultural practices, thus empowering them to escape the cycle of poverty.