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The Spark of Hope Foundation empowers bright young women in the Global South, especially in regions that are in turmoil or remote, to become tomorrow’s leaders through providing scholarships for post-secondary education. With university education, each of them will impact thousands of lives as doctors, engineers, journalists, lawyers, managers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs and teachers. We invite you to BECOME A DONOR TODAY. Your gift will will be multiplied at least SIX times by our partners and is fully tax deductible!


With the support of many people, we’re proud to have achieved these results in three years!

  • 68 students currently supported

  • 32 alumnae making an impact

  • 34 universities attended globally

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, Prof. & PhD studies

  • Assist students from 17 countries

  • Six on-ground partners

  • Solid governance

  • Below 10% program management costs

  • Partners multiply donor funds 6X


Over the next 10 years, we’d love to support 1,500 young women leaders achieve university education, at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and PhD levels. We’d love your support in making their dreams come true!


students at all levels


current costs, CAD


fund-raising target, next 10 years

$120M (83%)

contingent commitments to date